Rumors say that Motorola is getting ready to launch its next-gen RAZR smartphones this October, although delays may push the launch back a little. The new phones will be called RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, and unlike the launch of the original versions — which came with a three-month lag — it looks like Motorola has learned from their mistake and it’s launching both devices at the same time.

The first one will be the “thin” version with start battery, while the MAXX one will be the one with double battery capacity. Both devices should have HD screens, but while this aspect seems to be a major bullet point of their market, Motorola should really have launched phones with HD screens about a year ago. By fall it won’t exactly be a big differentiation feature, as all the other high-end devices from other brands will have HD screens.

The devices are also rumored to have a Qualcomm S4 processor, which surprises me a little because I think we’ll start seeing Qualcomm S4 Pro chips this fall. If that’s true, then Motorola seems to be falling behind in sourcing cutting edge components for its phones. We’ve seen this with the screens so far, and now it looks like they might start falling behind in processors as well. Motorola may start lagging behind, even though they had the first dual core device launched in the U.S. in 2010.

The future of Motorola is starting to worry me a little, even though Motorola Mobility is now part of Google. So far, I haven’t seen many clues that Google has started taking over their product roadmap. Or if they already have, then they haven’t been doing a very good job at making Motorola competitive.

The two phones are apparently running only ICS right now, which would completely seal the deal about these two phones ending up as disasters But I really doubt they not going to launch with Jelly Bean, especially now that Motorola’s ICS skin is one of the lightest of any manufacturer.

The question is whether this will be enough. Rumors point to a new version of Android being released in November, so Motorola better make sure it will be launching the devices at least a month or more before that happens. Otherwise, they will end up like last year when they launched the Gingerbread RAZR literally a day before Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus launched with ICS. Hopefully, Google’s management will ensure that this won’t happen again with Motorola.

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