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Motorola RAZR Maxx finally coming to Europe and the Middle East... in May

April 3, 2012

The Droid RAZR Maxx is currently Motorola’s flagship smartphone and, even though it has been available on the US market for about two months now, a large part of the world is yet to get a taste of the impressive 4.3-incher. But that’s about to change in the coming weeks.

According to an official Motorola announcement issued earlier today, the RAZR Maxx will be finally hitting European and Middle Eastern markets in May. Of course, it will drop the “Droid” from its name and it will not come with 4G LTE connectivity, but other than that, it will be the exact same handheld as the one on sale in the US, which makes us ask ourselves what took (and still takes) Motorola so long.

Sure, it will probably still be nice for European and Middle Eastern technology geeks to be able to get their hands on the Motorola’s Kevlar-backed device next month, but then again, the RAZR Maxx might be a bit outdated by then.

I mean, the HTC One X has just started selling all over Europe and that is certainly a way cooler and more powerful smartphone than the RAZR Maxx, and, by this time next month, we might also know a thing or two about the upcoming Galaxy S3’s.

So, does the RAZR Maxx still stand any chance at some decent sales in Europe and the Middle East? In my opinion, yes, it does have a chance, but its success depends on a few variables. First and foremost, I’m referring to its pricing in comparison with some of its competitors.

I mean, all in all, this isn’t exactly a poor phone. It does sport a nice enough 4.3-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with Corning Gorilla Glass and 960 x 540 pixels resolution, features a dual-core 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4430 processor, as well as 1 GB of RAM. There are also 8 MP/1.3 MP dual cameras, as well as 8 GB of on-board memory and a pretty impressive 3300 mAh battery, arguably capable of running for more than 17 hours in talk time. On the other hand, it still runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and, even though it will most likely be updated to ICS sooner or later, it will probably still run “Gingy” in May.

As I said, the success of the RAZR Maxx in Europe and the Middle East depends very much on its pricing, which is yet to be officially announced by Motorola. It’s also worth mentioning that the 4.3-incher will only be released in select countries in the areas already stated, countries that aren’t disclosed at this time.

The Motorola RAZR Maxx release date itself is still kept under wraps, but stay tuned on our website these coming weeks or so and we will be certainly bringing you regular updates on the subject.

We leave you with a new ad for the RAZR Maxx, which, unsurprisingly, plays on the phone’s biggest asset, that big juicy battery (and shames the iPhone and the Galaxy Nexus in the process).