The excitement over the first Intel-powered phone from Motorola might have died down a bit after the first benchmarks appeared, but the Razr i still looks like a more than decent mid-ranger. The 2 GHz Atom CPU, be it single-core, sounds cooler than cool, while the edge-to-edge display ensures that the phone is both portable and efficient in terms of using screen real estate.

That said, we’re very glad to report that the Razr i is slowly, but steadily making its way to tech users across the world, hitting France today after being already made available in the UK and Brazil.

SFR, the number two French mobile network operator right now, has the Razr i up for grabs in both brick and mortar stores and online, at a pretty decent pricing. The 4.3-incher can be had starting at €9.90 with a two-year contract, while monthly plans start at just €14.99.

The carrier also sells the unlocked SIM-free version of the Razr i, but that’s a bit pricey, going for €429.90 (around $550). Motorola has also announced that “selected retailers and distributors” in France should themselves start selling the handheld soon for a recommended price of €399 with all taxes included and no contract.

Other “select” European markets should get their own chance at selling the best Intel smartphone yet pretty soon, although we still don’t have a full list with all countries expected to get the Razr I. One thing is certain nevertheless – the “i” will never see the light of day in the States, although the similarly equipped Qualcomm-based Razr M should ensure that there are no hard feelings about that.

Anyone tuning in from France? Are you planning to get SFR’s Razr i? Why? Why not?

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