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International Motorola Razr HD stars in leaked photos, doesn't look that hot

August 2, 2012

It’s no longer a secret that Motorola is prepping a new high-end phone for Verizon, probably called the Droid Razr HD, but the frequency of the latest rumors about it seem to be pointing to an imminent release.

Less than two months after staring in the first leaked pictures and just a week after getting FCC’s approval, the Razr HD has once again shown up in a few pics. This time around, it seems that we’re dealing with some sort of international version of the phone, going by the model number XT925 (the Verizon-bound model is codenamed XT926).

The crispest and most interesting photo shows off the Razr HD’s back in all its splendor, and this will probably stir up quite the controversy. Some have already called it ugly, some say it’s funky-looking, while my opinion is somewhere in between. I’d not go so far as to say that the backplate is ugly, but it is rather bizarre-looking, and the last thing Motorola needs now is to take that kind of design chances.

Moto’s phones have never been the most fashionable or elegant, but they haven’t looked tacky either, and this overly stylized design could change that. Keep in mind that we don’t know if the photos are legit, and, even if they are, the final design may be different.

The source of the photo, an XDA forum user, said that he got the pics from a friend whose friend works as an engineer for Motorola, so this could all be an elaborate hoax.

In addition to the somehow tacky backplate, another shortcoming of the device might be its camera. It seems that the Razr HD won’t come with a 13 MP camera after all, but with a slightly more modest 8 MP shooter, equipped with flash.

Now for the good news. The Razr HD’s front looks much better than on other Motorola high-end phones, as there seems to be less bezel than before. The HD display was never an unknown, but it looks like there’ll be on-screen soft keys present here, which can only make us happy.

As for other tech specs, this latest leak doesn’t come with any kind of insight. We’re still expecting the Razr HD to be powered by a dual-core S4 processor, and hoping for it to carry a “monster” 3,300 mAh battery. It’s also very likely that the LTE-enabled Verizon version will be released before the international model (hopefully, in no more than two months), but, beyond that, we wouldn’t speculate any further.

Do these new photos make you less excited about the Razr HD? More? The same?