Although Motorola only (vaguely) talked about the Razr HD’s US availability at the phone’s unveiling event, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before we started hearing about it hitting other markets worldwide.

Unsurprisingly, the first market we’re hearing news about is Canada, where the Razr HD is now officially slated for a release “this fall”. The 4.7-incher will be branded as the Motorola Razr HD LTE up North, and, right now, the only carrier confirmed to put it up for sale is Rogers.

Canada’s largest wireless service provider will be selling a GSM version of the Razr HD (unlike Verizon’s model, which will be CDMA), but unfortunately the exact release date and pricing are kept secret for the time being.

Mobile Syrup is speculating that the handheld will probably hit Canada in October, and, although the website doesn’t have much to back up that assumption, their sources are usually right on the money. As for pricing, rumors say that the new Razr will hit the States for around $199 with a two-year contract, so chances are Canadians will have to pay the same for the phone (albeit with a three-year carrier agreement).

Aside from being a GSM phone, the Canadian Razr HD LTE should not be that different from the US version. The same “eye-catching” 4.7-inch high-def display, Kevlar backing, “impossibly thin” body and “all-day” battery life are the main focus points of Motorola Canada’s announcement. Oddly, there’s no full spec sheet posted just yet for this model, but  we have no reason to think it’ll come with any special features over the American model.

Even more bizarre is that Moto’s press release is keeping mum on the matter of the Jelly Bean update promised in the US, so Android 4.1 might not hit the Razr HD in Canada anytime soon. Now that’s disappointing!

Disappointing might also be the fact that the Razr Maxx HD, a Razr HD model with a bulked up battery, is yet to be announced for Canada. The first-edition Maxx never went North of the border, so history might painfully repeat itself.

I’m sure that you all noticed the omnipresent “coulds” and “mights” in this post, so be sure to take the speculations about the Razr HD’s release date, pricing and JB update, as well as the one about the Maxx HD’s Canadian launch, with a pinch of salt.

Who’s excited about Rogers’ Razr HD LTE?