Motorola is busy these days, and it’s not just with throwing lawsuits at Apple. To date, 1000 workers have been cut from the Motorola plant in China, specifically the cities of Beijing and Nanjing. In reply, workers have taken to protesting and Motorola has answered the call.

A new and better severance package including unused annual leave and reimbursement of housing subsidy has been offered to those struck by the mass layoffs. In comparison, the old package only provided salary until September 20. The actual compensation was 3 times the average monthly salary plus a two-month salary bonus. Pretty juicy package if you ask me, but apparently not enough for the affected parties.

This comes on the heels of news that another 3000 workers worldwide may be laid off, but curiously enough, some workers aren’t signing their termination notices. Google has confirmed the earlier news of worldwide downsizing, but made no official comment on the claims of workers who said they were forced to sign contracts issuing them employment termination.

Motorola, with the threat of bad press staring it down, has said it will do everything in its power to help those cut. Compensation and re-employment services are being made available, and workers have demanded for ‘open layoff talks’ and appealed for peaceful protests. It does appear from the outside that things are in a serious transition phase; one can only surmise if this will hurt Q3/Q4 sales.





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