A tipster just sent us this Motorola promo video in which Motorola showcases some of its latest phones along with some Bold predictions. Motorola states the amount of people using cellular phones will be as common as someone checking the time on an electronic watch. Motorola states we are in “A Celullar Revolution”. It will be interesting to see how Motorolas claims for future growth pan out in the coming years. For now checkout the video:

April Fools everyone! Ok I’m a week late, better late then never. In all seriousness I think this video is funny and more importantly puts things in perspective, these days we obsess about specs and the latest firmware updates. Back then there were only a couple thousand people with cell phones, Zach Morris being one of them.

Back in the 1980’s you made it if you had a cell phone, nowadays if you don’t have a new high end smart phone you’re looked upon as a lower class citizen.


Props to Motorola for calling this cellular revolution which has now been coined “The Mobile Revolution”.