Feels like we’ve posted the link to Motorola’s Android 4.0 upgrade timeline a dozen times already, but here it is once more. You should know by now that the ICS update for Motorola Droid 4 is supposed to come in “early Q3”, as stated on the website – and you have probably been waiting forever for it. While this means it’s already a couple of weeks late, there’s actually some good news ahead.

According to Droid 4 owners who have registered themselves on the official forum, they have received e-mails from Moto about an upcoming soak test rolling out for Droid 4. There’s no official word yet that it’s the elusive ICS firmware, but we would be very surprised if it isn’t. Once the OTA update is sent out to soak testers, it shouldn’t take very long for the update to be fully rolled out – provided Moto receives good feedback from users.

The e-mail doesn’t mention the specific date for the roll out. In fact, there’s still time to put your name down on Motorola Owners’ forums to be a part of the soak test. You just have to fill in some questionnaire and wait for the OTA update to head to your Droid 4. There’s no guarantee that you’ll be selected, however.

Are you amped up about the impending ICS update for the Droid 4? Any soak testers out there that can share their stories? Please do so in the comments below.