It looks like Motorola is getting ready to do another soak test for the Droid Bionic, but is it for Ice Cream Sandwich or just a bug fix update which will hopefully prevent the infamous data drops we see constantly and get annoyed by. We have seen many reports that people are getting emails from Motorola’s Feedback Network about a soak test for their Droid Bionic.

We don’t know for sure what update this is, but we are betting it’s the 5.9.902 update that was leaked back in mid-january. Droid-Life has the changelog from that leak, and we have it listed below:

  • Remove VCast Music preload
  • Add Amazon MP3 app preload
  • Motorola Terms and Conditions screen automatically enables data collection/location details
  • Google security patch to block access to change Home panel icons
  • After factory reset, location consent screen shown on activation screen
  • Change “Terms and Condition” screen title to “Motorola Terms of Service”

Hopefully since the leak they have worked on fixing the data drops and the BSOD (Black Screen of Death) that many of us have seen. As always we will keep you updated on this, hopefully I can get into the soak test along with many others.