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Motorola's MOTOACTV smartwatch gets a $100 price cut

July 17, 2012

Over the past months, we’ve seen a slow but steady stream of smartwatches appearing on the market. Some of the more recent ones that we reported on are the Sony Smartwatch, which runs the full Android OS, and the yet to be released Pebble smartwatch, which is designed to function as a companion to your smartphone, via Bluetooth.

Both the Sony Smartwatch and the Pebble go for $150 or less. Now the Motorola MOTOACTV smartwatch, which was released last year along the Droid RAZR, is getting a $100 price cut from the original $250. The new $149 price tag should make the GPS tracker/MP3 player more competitive with the Sony Smartwatch and Pebble.

The MOTOACTV is designed and built specifically for people with active lifestyles or who are into sports. The device features a stopwatch, GPS, heart rate monitor, fitness tracker (measures your daily step count and the calories you burned), and a wireless MP3 player. Of course, it’s also a watch.

The difference between Motorola’s offering and the Sony Smartwatch and the Pebble is that, while the MOTOACTV runs a full version of Android, it features an interface that is optimized for the 1.6-inch display. Unlike the Pebble, Motorola’s smartwatch is a standalone device, so you won’t need to pair it with a smartphone to access the bulk of its features.

I think that Motorola’s decision to bring down the price of the MOTOACTV is a very good move. Furthermore, if they would drop the price down to $99, the smartwatch would sell a whole lot better.