Our phones aren’t just for making calls anymore, with the advent of the smartphone introducing the ability to check e-mail, surf the web, watch videos, listen to music and take pictures. Along these lines, we are also heading for a world where our watches aren’t just for telling time anymore. I personally haven’t worn a wristwatch since I got my first cell phone, but if you do then you’ll be interested in the concept of a “smartwatch.” The idea is slowly gaining traction, with Sony’s Smartwatch and the Motorola MOTOACTV being the more popular devices.

If you use MOTOACTV, you’ll be happy to know than an update to version 7.10/7.11 is now available. There are two versions of the update, as the 7.10 update is for devices with the additional golf features, while the 7.11 is for the ones without. Don’t worry if you’re not sure about which version you have! When you plug in the device to your computer, the MOTOCAST software will automatically download the correct update. Just for your curiosity, if you want to know which version you have, you can check by going to¬†SETTINGS > GENERAL > MOTOACTV STATUS > SYSTEM VERSION.

The update brings in a lot of fixes and performance enhancements including:

  • Fixes application “Force Close” in Workouts as well as Notifications.
  • Notifications have been improved to handle unread messages.
  • Stop watch Start/Stop functionality improved.
  • Battery drain issue when WiFi is on has been fixed.
  • Improved display of Fit Test BPM average.
  • Improved TTS message when the Workout key is double-pressed.
  • Enhanced ANT+/BTLE sensor connections.
  • Improved “Pause” functionality during workout.

The above bug fixes are common for both versions, with the update for the golf device (version 7.10) adding a few more fixes including:

  • Improved Scorecard when playing only “Back 9” on a course.
  • Enhance manual Par information entry.

You can find out more information as well as alternative update methods if not done automatically here, for version 7.10, and here, for version 7.11.

Do you use Motorola MOTOACTV? If you’ve updated your device to the latest versions already, let us know your experience in the comments section below.