Motorola Mobility, which Google officially took over in May of this year after a long approval process, will leave South Korea in early 2013 according to The Next Web. This decision will result in roughly 600 people losing their job. About 10% of the people working in the Research and Development Unit will be offered relocation packages. We’re going to interpret that as Google wanting these people to be closer to Motorola’s Chicago offices.

We’d like to remind you that HTC left South Korea as recently as this summer, so we’re not looking at an isolated incident here. This writer has several friends who have traveled to South Korea during the past few months, and all of them say Samsung and LG dominate the market, so it’s not too surprising to hear today’s news.

About the 600 people who will soon be looking for work, we think they’ll get snatched up rather quickly. Imagine if the team who designed the Motorola RAZR ended up in Samsung and convinced the company to stop making plastic phones? Imagine if the engineers who decided to put a 3300 mAh battery inside the RAZR MAXX ended up at LG? We can only hope.

Back to Motorola for a second, when are we really going to see what Google plans to do with the company? We’re confident that during the second half of 2013 we’re going to hear about something that’s mind blowing. Whether or not it’ll be called a Nexus device is a whole other topic of discussion that’s way too political to even bring up.

With news of 1080p screens and quad core processors becoming the norm for 2013 flagship devices, we hope Google uses Motorola’s vast resources to bring something to market that sets the standard for what a smartphone should be.