Not so long ago, Motorola tried to win us all over by creating the “LapDock”. Although it came with the ability to turn mobile phones into a laptop was insanely cool and appealing, the price was a complete turn off. In fact, when it was first released, customers were being asked to pay a ridiculous $500 for the device. Now, a brand new unit can be found on the internet for around $300. For that price, why wouldn’t anyone just go and buy a ligit laptop, net book, or even a tablet? Well thankfully, Motorola and AT&T finally got the message.

As of now, you can head over to AT&T’s website and get the accessory for your Motorola Atrix 4G for a mere $50. But be careful, this Laptop mutant has one teeny tiny flaw: “Full Firefox browser use with AT&T Mobile Broadband requires DataPro 4GB plan.” We are guessing that if you have this plan on your Atrix 4G, you’re covered. If not, AT&T is getting really hungry with your money.

Now that the LapDock has sunk to an incredible 90% off of its original retail price ($500 to $50), will you (Motorola Atrix 4G users) be picking it up anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Engadget

Matthew Sabatini
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