Several months ago, Motorola said that people who own devices manufactured in 2011 and 2012 that will not get updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would receive $100 as a form of compensation for their troubles. Two months later, the details of that program have finally solidified. You have to go to, select your phone, and here’s where things get nasty: You have to pick a new phone you want to buy. That’s right, Motorola will give you $100, but only if you’re going to buy another Motorola phone. And that $100, you’ll get it in the form of credit which you can use to either A) Pay your phone bill, or B) Buy accessories for your new handset.

So let’s recap: Motorola is owned by Google, yet they can’t seem to figure out how to update their phones to the latest version of Android. To make people happy, they said they’ll give them $100, but there are some serious strings attached. You need to buy a new phone, and the money you get isn’t actually money, it’s more like store credit.

Seriously, this is incredibly uncool.

What would we have liked to see? Easy, for Google to offer some sort of program whereby anyone with a Motorola device could send it to a repair center, one that’s run by Google themselves, and then have them flash said phone with a custom ROM. It would piss off the operators, but who cares about what they think? Just look at the HTC Droid DNA. It’s not only loaded to the gills with Verizon crapware, but it’s also got a giant Amazon widget out of the box. Do operators care about Google? Not in the slightest. That more than anything else should be on the company’s mind.

What do you think, did Motorola screw this one up?