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Motorola's re-launch in India is going well, sold 1 million units in 5 months

In the five months since Motorola re-launched in India, the brand has managed to sell 1 million units, a fairly good start and hopefully a sign of good thing to come.
July 11, 2014
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Motorola continues to struggle fiscally and much of its future is up in the air with the upcoming Lenovo deal, but there’s no denying that their recent strategy of focusing on user experience over specs has won them over new fans and renewed global interest.

Back in March, we reported that Motorola had managed to snag 6% of the smartphone market in the UK and was finding similar levels of success in other parts of Europe, in large part thanks to the budget-oriented Moto G. Now a new report indicates that Motorola has found a fairly solid level of support in India after relaunching its brand in the country through a partnership with Flipkart earlier this year.

In total, Motorola has sold 1 million units in India, combining Moto E, G and X sales, in just a five month period. While this might not seem that impressive, this is actually pretty good considering the brand is not exactly well known in the country. Honestly, we can’t say we are that surprised, though.

Motorola builds extremely durable and attractive looking devices, the company also focuses on giving us a lightly modified Android experience that arguably is able to run smoother than many custom skinned phones with beefier specs. And, of course, it’s extremely aggressive pricing doesn’t hurt either. With the brand continue to grow significantly in India in the years to come? While there’s no way of knowing for sure, we do know that Lenovo intends to continue focusing on emerging markets with budget-friendly yet capable devices, and so we’d say it’s pretty likely.

That said, Motorola could find itself running into very real competition thanks to the Google-led Android One effort. What do you think of Motorola’s recent direction? Like where they are heading? Do you feel that Lenovo can keep the momentum going?