Not too long after the thrilling launching of the Motorola DROID RAZR, Motorola again boosted the excitement of the public with another huge news.  Motorola at first tweeted that it will be releasing devices with the latest version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich just 6 weeks later after Google will be able to release the final version.

There is still no news on when the Galaxy Nexus, along with Ice Cream Sandwich, will be publicly available.  But, Motorola has claimed that it can release ICS-filled smartphones as quickly as six weeks after ICS is released.

If people were excited about the first tweet ( guessing what devices might get ICS), Motorola’s second tweet seems to have brought the house down as it finally confirmed that the DROID RAZR, DROID Bionic, and XOOM will be getting Ice Cream Sandwich.

A lot of people got excited about Motorola’s promise, but many still do not believe that Motorola can pull something like this. It looks like it’s impossible because after Motorola can get the final version of ICS from Google, Motorola developers still have a lot of work to do for it, especially with Motorola’s custom skin overlay.  Custom overlays are known to delay software upgrades.

Assuming that Motorola works on the overlays fast, Motorola still has to get carrier approval for the updated software.  The whole process could take weeks to accomplish, depending on the carrier.  If the modifications have issues, pushing out the updates could be delayed further.

While others are excited about Motorola’s six-week promise, some are questioning whether the tweets were really official. Some say that the tweets were just publicity stunts to make the public wait and crave for the soon-to-be-released products, just like what happened in the Froyo and Gingerbread updates.

For sure, Motorola is working hard on updating and upgrading its products’ software, but do you think Motorola can really release their ICS smartphones 6 weeks after the release of ICS?

Ken East
Ken is an expert on management and is currently engrossed with his newly started adventure in logistics management. But, that's only his second love. His first love, of course, and without being mushy when this is said, is Android.