According to a statement made by a Motorola representative to today, Motorola appears to have some real plans for the Android platform in spite of the fact that we really haven’t heard anything Android related from the company since the official announcement of the platform last November.

The statement that Motorola made to BetaNews this morning is as follows:

Motorola is pleased to see the industry enthusiasm and support of the Android operating system. As a pioneer in mobile Linux and a founder of OHA, Motorola believes Android is it promises to be one of the most powerful, flexible and customizable open platforms, enabling truly integrated mobile hardware, software and web experiences. We’re excited about the innovation possibilities on Android, and look forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google and the Open Handset Alliance community.

Motorola declined to comment on the reports that it has been building up its Android team lately.

In any event, I’m seemingly not alone in thinking that Motorola could see Android as a way to move beyond its own troubled feature phone platform, which has been causing it grief for years. Motorola has had great difficulty getting 3G equipped handsets to work on its Linux Java (formerly known as JUIX or “juice”) platform and has had to rely on its old Synergy based platform for far longer than expected (as witnessed by the 3G capable RAZR2 phones running Synergy while the 2.5G version for T-Mobile runs the newer Linux Java).

Considering the current state of Android, as seen on the G1, at least, the platform would probably be well suited for non-touch feature phones that consumers wouldn’t expect to offer full smartphone functionality.

Darcy LaCouvee

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