Motorola Glam

Motorola Glam

The new MOTO GLAM is set to run Android 2.1 and seems to have landed with some (pre)reviews websites already. Mass distribution is alleged for South Korea on the 31 August. This release date co-incides with the ‘Hello Moto, Hello App’ competition that is running there currently. So what is this Android smartphone all about?

There is no denying that it looks somewhat similar to the Dell Aero, with the Glam offering a 3.7” multi-touch capacitive display at a 480×854 resolution. However, looking past the glossy exterior, the GLAM’s highlight has to be the brilliant dual LED flash 5Mpix auto-focus camera along with 720p video recording supporting DivX and XviD formats/codecs. Naturally we were not surprised to read that GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi are all included, but it is nice to see the HDMI out to really get the best of those home videos. Expect 1GB of NAND Flash and 512MB of SDRAM for Android and applications to sit spaciously within.

There is no word on whether this will make it to Europe, but it will become available through Telecom in South Korea for an undisclosed price.

[Via Akihabaranews]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.