Motorola FlipOut?

According to the guys at Gizmodo Brazil, the device pictured to the right is the Motorola FlipOut, an Android 2.1 based device that will be sold worldwide and have a price that is lower than that of the CLIQ XT/QUENCH.  It features an updated version of MOTOBLUR for social networking and a unique flip-out QWERTY keyboard that gives the device its name.

The new version of MOTOBLUR that it runs supposedly allows for more control over widget sizes and the social networking feeds.  Gizmodo Brazil also claims the phone will have a 3.1 megapixel camera that was developed in conjunction with Kodak. Motorola and Kodak have worked together before with some great photographic success, such as the MOTOZINE ZN5.

Some rumored specs from the recent past include a square, 2.8-inch display (which seems quite small), a 700MHz processor, and 256MB of RAM.  Some real photos had been posted elsewhere on net, but have been since yanked.