motorola edge

September is turning into a bumper month for announcement events. Last week, Amazon revealed the new Kindle Fire HD range, Apple is announcing something with a 5 in the name today, and, on September 18, Motorola have an event planned together with Intel.

The vast majority of smartphones and tablets are powered by ARM processors, not only those that use Android but also the offerings from Apple and Microsoft. Intel has long wanted to break into this market and there are a few Intel-based Android phones available including the Orange San Diego, the Lava Xolo X900 and the Lenovo K800. However the really big names, including  Motorola, have yet to try dipping their toes into Intel’s waters.

However, this is all about to change. Back in January, Intel and Motorola announced they were entering into a multi-year, multi-device strategic relationship (whatever that means) that includes Intel-powered smartphones. It looks like the first fruits of the collaboration, which also covers tablets,  will be seen on the 18th.

But, there is lots of  media coverage at the moment for the likes of Apple and Amazon and for their new devices. This could mean that the Motorola and Intel event becomes white noise in the storm of hype. To address this, Motorola and Intel have released a short (17 second) video promoting their event.

So what do we know… Not a lot… This new phone (or phones) will have edge-to-edge speed, edge-to-edge power and will help us say goodbye to boundaries! We will just have to wait and see!