motorola dvx fcc images (1)

Motorola is rumored to be preparing a lower cost version of the Moto X, dubbed the Motorola DVX. Just last week, the name of the device made a surprise appearance in a Republic Wireless presentation pegging its launch for October.

Now images of what we believe to be the Motorola DVX appear to have shown up in FCC’s database (via Reddit). The pictures showing the fully assembled phone seem to be in line with leaked images of the phone’s back plate that surfaced in recent weeks.

The design of the device reminisces of the Moto X, but the placement of the speaker grill and the front camera give it away as a different device.

motorola dvx fcc images (4)

motorola dvx fcc images (3)

motorola dvx fcc images (2)

The newly discovered set of documents confirms that the device features a removable backplate, is GSM and WCDMA compatible (no LTE), and may be commercialized under the Motorola XT1032, XT1033, XT1035 model numbers. Interestingly, the documents don’t mention NFC anywhere, so it’s possibly that the DVX will not feature the near field communication technology.

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