Verizon offers very tempting Android handsets, and many people actually find the offers irresistible.  Who wouldn’t? With the company offering a great new line of smartphones at exceptionally affordable prices, almost anyone will take the bargain and settle for a favorite phone. Two of Verizon’s inexpensive offering includes the Pantech Breakout and Motorola DROID X2.  Both are priced at US$99 on Verizon Wireless, so they are within reasonable price range.  If you are thinking of getting either of the two, this comparison review can probably help you decide.


The gorgeous Breakout’s overall design is covered in matte black plastic finish with dimensions of 127 mm x 64 mm x 12 mm.  The Breakout weighs only 138g.  On the other hand, the DROID X2 looks similar to the earlier DROID X ,but under close scrutiny you can find slight differences on the back cover. The DROID X2 measures 127.5 mm x 65.5 mm x 9.9mm.  Both the Breakout and the DROID X2  are in a tight, close match with just about 2 mm difference in thickness.



If you prefer a larger display, then the DROID X2’s 4.3-inch Gorilla Glass touchscreen will certainly fill your appetite. Capable of rendering 540×960 resolution, it is the perfect multimedia device for viewing HD videos and almost virtually anything you can think of.

On the lighter side, the Breakout’s 4.0-inch touchscreen can handle 480×800 resolution. It may not be as great as that of the DROID X2, but the display is vibrant, and rich in colorful detail.


Running the DROID X2 is the powerful dual-core 1.o-GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2–twice as powerful as the Breakout’s 1.0-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. Hands down, the DROID X2 is superior when it comes to processing speeds. No doubt about that, the Tegra 2 installed in the DROID X2 makes it a powerful multimedia workhouse that allows smooth functionality of even the most intensive apps.


Again, the DROID X2 takes the lead offering a massive 8 GB internal storage space that compliments the 512 MB of RAM inside it. Clearly, the Breakout doesn’t even come close with a measly 390 MB of internal storage. Both devices are capable of storage expansion up to 32 GB, courtesy of the microSD card slot.


One of the drastic changes that Motorola made in the DROID X series would be the snapping time of the camera. The DROID X2’s camera performance is greatly improved.  Motorola claims that compared to the DROID X, the DROID X2’s camera is 44% quicker in in-between shot time. The reason behind this would be the phone’s Continuous Auto Focus feature. The 8-MP rear camera is quite a shooter that captures amazing shots and videos, but eventually needs additional lighting in low light conditions. In contrast, the Breakout’s 5-MP camera is average. Nothing special there, but it does take decent and acceptable photos.


The DROID X2’s preinstalled operating system seems to be outdated, since it runs Android 2.2 Froyo, however users can upgrade their devices to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  On the other hand, the Breakout comes already preinstalled with Gingerbread.

With the Droid X2’s lightning-fast dual-core processor, opening applications happens in a breeze. Even without dual-core capabilities, the Breakout is catching up with the pace. Powered by Androd Gingerbread, Pantech has greatly enhanced the user-interface by making it more visually appealing to users.

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)

This is one area where the Pantech Breakout has an edge over the Motorola DROID X2.  The Breakout is LTE-capable.  The DROID X2 isn’t.  LTE is faster–up to ten times faster–than regular 3G.

Battery Life

Both devices have nearly comparable battery capacity ratings, with only 40 mAh difference between them.  The DROID X2 has the bigger battery capacity (1,540 mAh), yet the Pantech Breakout lasts longer (up to 330 hours) on standby.  The DROID X2 can last up to 220 hours on standby.  When in use, the DROID X2 lasts longer (up to 480 minutes) than the Breakout (378 minutes).

The Verdict

For the budget-friendly smartphone advocate, the Pantech Breakout is the ideal choice for you. The Breakout is Verizon’s response to customers who can’t afford expensive 4G LTE devices like the DROID Bionic, LG Revolution, and HTC ThunderBolt. Verizon managed to feature a budget 4G LTE smartphone in the Pantech Breakout.

If you’re looking for a multimedia workhouse, then go for the DROID X2. The added dual-core Tegra 2 chipset together with a revamped camera and longer battery life, makes the competition way out of reach.  The DROID X2 is a fantastic phone combining business elements and multimedia features.

Both devices are available on Verizon for the same price of US$99.  It’s a good bargain price for a good phone.  Which of the two are you getting?