After way too many delays and broken promises, as well as a fistful of rumors and speculations that proved to be inaccurate, Motorola has just (barely) made it on providing the much awaited Android 4.0 ICS update for the Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx by the end of Q2.

Moto promised its customers to have the upgrade live “sometime in Q2” more than a month ago, and, with just a few hours before the official beginning of the year’s third quarter, RAZR and RAZR Maxx owners can now taste their first scoops of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The update’s rollout was announced on Twitter yesterday by Scott Charlston, one of Verizon’s PR representatives, and, based on feedback from several RAZR and RAZR Maxx users, ICS has in fact hit phones a few hours after midnight.

To take the software leap, you’ll have to manually update, so don’t wait for an automatic prompt message from Moto and instead go to your phone’s settings menu. By clicking “about” and then “system settings” you should reach a juicy new software package, which will bring you a whole new UI, a bunch of new and exciting features (including Face Unlock), but also a number of very important bug fixes, improved stability and performance (more details in the video below).

The Twitter announcement from yesterday did however mention that “beginning Saturday, June 30”, RAZR and RAZR Maxx customers will be able to update their phones to ICS, so if there’s nothing new when manually checking for an upgrade, you might still have to wait a few days more.

Have you received the Android 4.0 update? How does your phone feel now? Are you happy that the upgrade finally took place, or are you still disgruntled with Motorola and Verizon for all of the delays?