For most of us, the farthest we’ll ever go when it comes to modifying our phones is rooting them or installing a custom ROM. As this video shows, for some people, that’s not enough.

Be warned before proceeding any further: following these instructions will void your¬†warranty, so make sure to think twice about what you’re doing if you decide to do this. That said, if you want to replace the battery in your Motorola DROID RAZR M or if you need to replace a cracked LCD screen, these instructions will be invaluable.

While the video is on the long side at over 12 minutes, anyone who is taking apart of piece of tech that is most likely precious to them will want any instructions to be as in-depth as possible.

Be warned, if you’re cradling your new DROID RAZR M lovingly as you read this, you may want to look away. The video below is not for the faint of heart. I, for one, cringed a few times while watching it. You have been warned.

Have you ever had to take your phone apart before? What repairs did you have to make? Did it work after you put it back together?



Kristofer Wouk

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