You can always count on the industrious and superbly skilled community of independent Android devs to do what carriers and manufacturers are unable to, and now a bunch of new Motorola phones have made the first step towards entering the magic world of frequent custom ROMs, kernels and firmware updates.

The freshly released Droid Razr M and Atrix HD, as well as the yet to be launched Droid Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD, can all be rooted thanks to a simple yet very efficient method posted by djrbliss on XDA’s forum.

You will be rooting all those devices at the risk of voiding your warranty, but if that can’t stop you on your way to “software freedom”, there are very few things that will. The instructions of the root will definitely not, being as easy as pie.

What you’ll want to do is first ensure that you have the latest Motorola ADB drivers installed. Afterwards, download and extract the zip file from here, connect your phone to a PC via USB, click on the “run.bat” file, and follow the directions. Very simple, hassle-free, and it should only take a few minutes. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Not to mention that, according to some XDA users, it works on the Photon Q and Razr I as well, but it should also be compatible with future Jelly Bean updated Moto phones.

Now rooting your phone is not the same with unlocking your bootloader, so this is still only a small step for software tweaking on Motorola’s new handhelds. Rooted devices can only go so far in terms of running custom ROMs or kernels, but hopefully someone will find a way to dribble past the locked bootloaders, too. In the meantime, if you happen to try out the root on any gadget, do be so kind to tell us if you encounter any kind of problem.