We’re expecting something exciting at the Motorola and Verizon event on September 5. The Droid Razr HD seems like a definite, but now we’re hearing more rumors that the Droid M will appear alongside it after a leaked device map named the device and pricing. The M will apparently stand for “mini” or maybe “micro” and that means a smaller version of the Droid Razr which could cost just $149.99 on contract.

BGR is reporting that it will come in black or white and feature a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a Kevlar case, and a 1196 x 720 pixel resolution HD display. We’ll find out for certain in New York on September 5.

The Droid M looks like it will be a good companion for Motorola’s flagship device. The latest Droid Razr HD rumors are suggesting the handset will feature a big 2,530mAh battery and an 8MP camera. Combined with the Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, 4.6-inch HD display with ColorBoost technology, microSD card slot and Android 4.0 ICS that we already heard about, the Droid RAZR HD is shaping up to be a decent release. Moreover, the device will apparently get a Jelly Bean update, but it’s a bit disappointing that it won’t ship with the latest Android version.

Motorola could do with a boost right now. Its current line-up is aging and Q2 sales showed a marked decline. Not to mention that we’ve been expecting something special from the company ever since Google acquired Motorola Mobility a few months ago.

Simon Hill
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