Motorola DROID for Verizon

Motorola DROID for Verizon

OK, here is the video I promised. I’ll pop in some live photos once I get a bit more situated this morning. Since shooting this video, I’ve had a bit of time to play with the phone. So far I like it, but don’t love it.

The display is brilliant, plain and simple.  The keyboard, not so much.  It is usable, but far lacking when compared with the keyboard on the CLIQ.  The touch sensitive controls work nicely, and the camera seems decent during non-flash sessions, at least.

Exchange support appears to be spotty, and the entire multi-account support in Android 2.0/Eclair might be as well.  I never got Gmail over Exchange working, but I do have multiple Gmail accounts configured normally with no real issue, though you get no calendar from the second.  My regular hosted Exchange worked fine, though, but also seems to suggest that the order the accounts are added matters, and that certain data only comes from the first account of a given type.  I do like the color coded combined inbox, but it’s annoying that Gmail is not part of it.  Check boxes for selecting multiple messages in both Gmail and other mail, too.

I wish the work and personal calendars could be combined, but they cannot as far as I can tell.  Contact matching from multiple sources can be hit or miss, but seems to mostly hit.  Facebook integration, thanks to the new sync API, is pretty darn good.

The new browser is very nice, but not perfect.  As I mentioned yesterday, it doesn’t support the WordPress editor perfectly (cursor missing, no WYSIWYG support), and it also has a weird formatting issue with MobileBurn’s admin.  But overall, nice browser and much improved bookmarks.

Had a random WiFi issue that occurred when using YouTube, which otherwise looked brilliant, and that forced me to switch to 3G data.  Luckily the 3G is very fast.

The phone feels rock solid, though people might not like the unsprung slider mechanism.  The look of the device is different and classy, and I like the soft-touch coating on the back.

That’s it for now.  The video and photos gallery are after the jump.