Users lapped up and loved the Motorola DROID Bionic for being awesomely fast, but shortly after adoring and patiently waiting fans got hold of their units, many owners started noticing an issue with the audio from Verizon’s latest LTE-capable beast.

In several threads at the Motorola Owners’ Forum, owners of the Motorola DROID Bionic have reported the matter–and with mixed reactions. Some are annoyed by the sound, but could live with it. Others are disappointed that they’ve waited for so long and paid for so much–only to get noisy sound from an otherwise lovable device. Others simply didn’t experience it on their own units.

According to most reports from owners, the issue seems to become apparent when the user listens to sound through headphones plugged into the DROID Bionic. The sound has been variably described as a high-pitched hiss, whine, screech, squeal, or white noise that persists for a few seconds after the sound stops playing. Others have also reported hearing clicking or popping sounds.

One thread on the Motorola Owner’s Forum provides steps for replicating the issue and also keeps count of the number of reports that affirm the issue. As of this writing, 95% (60 users) of the thread participants have reported hearing the high-pitched noise.

The issue seems widespread. Several owners went to Verizon, had their phones replaced by brand-new units, but still had the same problem.

At this time, no one is certain yet about where the problem lies. It could be a hardware problem. Some users with technical background have suggested that the issue could be related to the power supply or the ground wiring on the DROID Bionic. Others have suggested a software bug somewhere on the DROID Bionic, in which case, an over-the-air update could be released to fix the issue.

Other users, though, seemed to have found a workaround that requires buying additional hardware/accessories (e.g., headphones or earphones with inline volume control). But, the said workarounds have been criticized as an unnecessary burden for consumers who bought the DROID Bionic expecting the unit to work perfectly and acceptably right out of the box.

Motorola is reportedly investigating the issue.

Are you experiencing the same high-pitched noise on your Motorola DROID Bionic? If so, what remedies have you tried to make it go away?

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