Motorola has very quietly confirmed that the DROID Bionic will receive an update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in Q2 of 2013. The information is posted on Motorola’s upgrade schedule page that was recently redesigned last month. This comes only weeks after some other Motorola phones have received the same update.

It is always a good sign to see older devices such as the Bionic receive the latest version of Android. It certainly makes people feel better about spending a lot of money on a new device and having the peace of mind knowing that you should still get a major update or two during the device’s life. This especially applies to the DROID BIonic as the earliest adopters probably experienced some regret initially.

If you aren’t familiar with Motorola’s upgrade schedule page, just head to the source link and scroll down to the information on the DROID BIonic.

Brendan Lynch
Brendan has been a technology writer for several publications and has published articles on several platforms. His true love is Android however. When he's not writing, he's busy working towards his Music Performance degree and using Android every step of the way!