For those that have been ever-so patiently waiting for nearly 8 months for the DROID Bionic’s arrival can finally now witness some hands on video of the benchmarks for themselves. While many decry the lack of accuracy of Quadrant, it still serves as a good indicator of the overall performance of a device, even though it doesn’t always necessarily translate to real world performance. The video and screen capture below simply point out that, while the Bionic itself is a powerful device, it is having to pump out content on a qHD 960×540 display.

With the same processor on board as its QWERTY cousin, the Mototorla Droid 3, its performance speaks for itself. Mark your calendars people – for the release date of the Motorola DROID Bionic: September 8 which is according to a leaked Verizon spreadsheet).


Android Central  Android Central

Essentially, the GPU on the Droid Bionic is the same GPU that’s built in to the Samsung Galaxy S, albeit with a significantly higher clock speed. Remember though folks, Quadrant isn’t always the best indicator of real world, actual performance, so in practice, the Droid Bionic could very well be a speed demon, as initial reports have been very positive.


Naturally, when compared to the Nexus One, it’s a champ. Obviously this is due to the dual core goodness it has on board. Still, one can only imagine what this phone is capable of once it gets into the hands of the modding community over at XDA.

Any thoughts? Is it enough to satisfy your thirst for power?