One of the crucial questions regarding the Motorola DROID Bionic that has had no reliable answer yet is the question about its battery life. That’s about to change–from recently leaked photos of the DROID Bionic’s battery meter, we just may get a fairly reliable view of the device’s battery life.

A tipster sent to Droid Life photos showing the DROID Bionic’s battery meter at various battery levels. The source mentioned that the photos were taken under various levels of use–mostly moderate use.

One of the images shows that the DROID Bionic’s battery dropped to 50% of its capacity after 19 hours. The image, however, does not tell us whether the device was heavily used prior to the 50% level. It does show, instead, that the DROID Bionic was hooked up to a 4G connection when it hit the 50% mark.

Another image shows the battery level at 15% and with 4G still on. About 25 hours have elapsed before the DROID Bionic reached this battery level. Again, the image does not indicate the actual usage level (i.e., whether heavy, moderate, light, or on standby), although it still shows a 4G connection.

Droid Life‘s tipster, however, did note that before the DROID Bionic hit the 60% mark, it was on a 3G connection and under moderate use. The image shows that in that usage scenario, the DROID Bionic eats up 40% of its power within a 15-hour period. I don’t know what’s your take on that, but it looks perfectly decent to me.

A lot of eagerly waiting DROID Bionic fans are expecting much-improved battery performance on a device that they’ve waited nearly 8 months for. In the absence of official word from Motorola, these leaked photos are the next best thing.

Do you think the DROID Bionic’s battery performance shown on these leaked photos is worth all the wait?

Image credit: Droid Life