Android-Distribution-Nov-18Mobile advertising firm AdMob has released some statistics about mobile web use, and the numbers coming out of the Android segment are quite interesting.

As of November 18th, only days after its November 6th initial availability, the Motorola DROID for Verizon Wireless made up a whopping 24 percent of all Android smartphone traffic going through AdMob’s servers.  For comparison, the Motorola CLIQ for T-Mobile, which was available in stores on November 2nd, made up only 6 percent of the Android traffic and the T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream, which has been out for over a year, came in at 36 percent.

This certainly seems to suggest that the DROID is doing well, at least when compared with other Android devices.  Only time will tell if the phone has staying power, but so far, at least, so good.

You can read more at the AdMob website.

(Yes, I realize now that James did a story on this a couple of hours before me.  I wasn’t paying attention, I suppose.  Too much going on, as always.)