We started seeing leaks of the Droid 4 over the last couple of weeks, but this leak is kind of surprising. The Droid 4 is now popping up in not just one, but a few different Verizon Systems. But the interesting thing is, we have not heard of any specs at all for the Droid 4 in any of the leaks. But the leaked image of the Droid 4 does look like it’s ready for another Verizon release. According to the leaked image in the device manager below, it is 4G capable, but other than that we do not know to much about it.

It looks as if Verizon is doing their best to keep their word about releasing a new Android phone every week for the rest of 2011. We already have the RAZR releasing on November 11th, the HTC Rezound on November 14th, the Galaxy Nexus “sometime in November” and perhaps the Droid 4 now?

Are you looking to get the Droid 4? Or does some other device on big red have your eye?