Last week’s earnings call from Motorola revealed something very interesting. Essentially, the company has adopted a new strategy to differentiate itself from the other major Android manufacturers like Samsung and HTC, and that is to use its webtop technology, like the one featured in the Atrix, for its most premium Android smartphones going forward.

Motorola Mobility’s CEO and Chairman, Sanjay Jha re-articulated during the earnings call that Motorola Atrix 4G’s Webtop and laptop docks are “alternative way(s) of viewing the convergence between mobility and computing.”

Motorola is set to to release its first ever Verizon LTE smartphone later this quarter or early next quarter, and it’s highly likely that Jha’s statement can be interpreted to mean that the Droid Bionic (and potentially the Droid 3) will be able to make use of webtop docks in the same fashion as the Atrix.

While we have heard reasonable reports that the Motorola Bionic with LTE is set to be released in the near future, there are also rumors circulating that Motorola will be releasing a phone called “Targa,” but some skeptics are suggesting that the leaked photos of the Motorola “Targa” are simply a redesigned Droid Bionic, while others suggest the photos are actually the Motorola Droid 3

Either way – we think the Webtop idea is great. With this current generation of Android smartphones performance coming closer each month to that of our laptops and desktops, what we are witnessing is the dawn of a new age where we will be able to use our mobile device as our primary device, via docks connected to our HDTV’s and LCD Screens.


Darcy LaCouvee
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