Mobile phones are fragile electronic devices that can easily get smashed or damaged by the elements, which is why Motorola’s Defy is such an impressive piece of hardware. Compactly designed, it’s got a nearly bezel-free screen and can easily withstand moderate amounts of abuse – even an unfortunate trip into water.

This makes the Defy perfect for anyone who’s got an active lifestyle – the price point is another thing that adds to it. T-Mobile’s access to it as part of its mobile plans is a good thing. With rumors of an upcoming Defy+ model, I’m sure every Motorola fan is excited. Unfortunately, it’s being shopped around with a range of 850 / 1900 / 2100 HSPA. This puts it squarely into AT&T’s territory rather than T-Mobile’s.

Right now the specs are supposed to be pretty similar to the original Defy, however the Defy+ is supposed to be packing Android 2.3.3 as the OS and will be replacing the original’s 800MHz TI OMAP 3610 chip with a more powerful 1GHz OMAP 3620. All other features like storage, RAM, camera, and display specs seem to be all the same.

This looks to be a minor upgrade for the Defy. Of course, it will still be keeping the Defy’s resistance against water, dust, and shock, which is mostly the phone’s biggest selling point. So if you’re bit accident prone and you already have an AT&T account – well, the Defy+ is definitely something worth a look at, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone to something more appropriate to your lifestyle.

Source: Thisismynext

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