The thing called “universal remote control” has moved up a notch higher when a leaked photo of a Motorola Corvair retailer box was blatantly exposed over the Internet recently. The 6-inch android 2.3 powered box promises nothing but pure interconnectivity within your home. Why bother storing different remotes for the appliances right?

This little baby was first leaked by The Verge but other details regarding the product were scant. The only thing that is precise about the Corvair as of the moment is its size and its “dedicated controller.” What is it going to control? That still remains a mystery to us all.

However, upon looking at the leaked photos of the Corvair, you might see control buttons at the lower side of the tablet. Much like a volume control – which probably means volume control for your television – and a record button. The record button would most likely mean it can be connected to your DVR, unless of course the Corvair itself will record the movies – but that is highly unlikely.

Speculations that the Corvair will tap with Google to allow online streaming have risen when the news about the tablet was leaked. However, the developers have not made any public announcement whatsoever, perhaps hoping that the public will be more thrilled and enticed with the lack of information.

We are just hoping that this tablet will not fall short of the expectations of becoming a dedicated controller which one could easily carry around in the pocket.

What do you think about the Motorola Corvair? Does it have a place for your home?