It seems that Motorola’s Support forums are buzzing today with discussions about the impending DROID X Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update. A lot of users are thinking that ActiveSync will still be broken even after the update, however Motorola customer support has been quite busy assuring loyal customers that everything’s all right and the feature will be right as rain after the update.

Activesync is a pretty integral feature for business phones – mostly because it helps sync your PC with your phone; enabling the easy sharing of data. The current version’s been slightly crippled on Motorola phones, but hopefully this update fixes those problems.

What’s more important the upcoming DROIDX update is that we have it finally confirmed that the entire DROID series models that debuted last year – which means DROID2, DROID Pro, and Global – are getting their own updates to Gingerbread. Of course, it won’t be happening all at once.

The DROIDX is slated to receive the first of these updates and it is scheduled to receive them at the end of the second quarter – although optimists are putting the date much earlier because of all the intensive testing happening during this week.

The next ones slated for the Gingerbread update are DROID Pro and the two DROID2’s. Their update is scheduled later this year, before the end of the third quarter. In addition, it’s been reported that almost all of the GB builds for these devices have been completed – however the final say is still with VZW when to approve them.

Source: Droid-life


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