China seems to be the biggest thing when it comes to technology, computing and mobile. Apart from surpassing the U.S. market this year in the smartphone industry, China is also set to outpace American production sometime in the middle of this decade. This is why it’s interesting when big brands launch products like the Motorola CloudBB in this country.

The Motorola CloudBB (model number HMC3260) is an Android-powered “home entertainment terminal” featuring an 18.5-inch touchscreen display, wireless keyboard and likewise wireless mouse. The device will be distributed and marketed by China Digital TV Media Group, mostly for home-entertainment purposes.

The device is marketed as a means for accessing on-demand video, online games, Android apps and other cloud-based entertainment services.

There’s no word whether a similar device will reach U.S. shores, too, although this can provide some insight on how Android can be used in devices bigger than tablets and smartphones.

In short, it’s somewhat an oversized Android tablet with keyboard and mouse. It’s not quite a full-blown PC yet, given the lack of multi-user support and other features that you’d look for on a full-blown PC. But given that mobile broadband is becoming faster and faster, it might not be too far in the future that all our processes and apps will be running from the cloud, thus no longer necessitating powerful local hardware.

Are we ready to ditch our PCs soon? If you find yourself using your smartphone and tablet for productivity more than your notebook or desktop computer, then the answer might be yes.