BGR has received some new info regarding the previously known Motorola Calgary, including a new pic in silver as well as some user feedback regarding the optical joystick, amongst other things.  Said to be launching Q1 on Verizon’s network the Calgary is now being called the “Devour” and is sporting a new silver look.  Pictured running MOTOBLUR, not much new is known of the device that hasn’t already leaked earlier, however, BGR did manage to get some opinionated user feedback regarding key features of the device.

Hit the jump for a blurb on the feedback as well as a higher resolution shot of the Devour

[via BGR]

A summary of the short feedback is as follows:

the keyboard was “nice” and the phone itself was “easier to use” compared to the Motorola DROID. Obviously that’s personal opinion, and maybe the BLUR OS simplifies things for some people, but the trackpad apparently is killer as a navigational input device

They keyboard spacing looks good but the location of the optical pad seems a little high, I don’t see a user’s thumb bending up that high naturally without cramping, we’ll have to see it in action to make a final judgment call.  Also, it seems odd that the device is lacking a physical search button, one would think that Motorola would want to keep things consistent with their Android devices.  The search button on my Droid is very useful practically eliminating the need for the search box widget on the home screen.

Motorola Devour in Silver running Motoblur