motorola-enzo-3Additional details about the Motorola Backflip, previously known as the Motus, have emerged courtesy of  Phandroid. In the revealing photos, we can clearly see the unusually hinged handset which exposes a full QWERTY keyboard when folded and a rear-facing touchpad when open. Supposedly also called the Enzo and designated Model MB300, the Backflip will have a 528 MHz processor, a 3.1 inch 320×480 display, a 5MP camera located on the keyboard, MOTORBLUR, and a full suite of AT&T customizations including AT&T Navigator, AT&T Music, and Yahoo Search! Though the Backflip will run Android 1.5, it may not be a full-featured Google Experience phone as it is rumored to ship with Google maps as the only installed Google application. No word on the release date but from the looks of this polished-looking device, it can’t be too much longer before it is made official by AT&T. A few more close-ups after the jump.