Motorola has posted an official video showing off its unconventionally designed Backflip in action.  The video is only 36 seconds long and has no real information to show that can’t be seen in our video posted last week, but it is a nicely put together promotion.  As we reported about a month ago, the phone is said to be heading to AT&T and resembles the Motorola CLIQ, sans the opposite keyboard.

This phone has been receiving nothing but mixed reviews due to its obviously backwards looking keyboard and Backtrack feature, a trackpad located on the back of the screen that allows users to scroll without blocking or touching the screen with their fingers.  From the demonstrations we’ve seen it doesn’t look very intuitive but you have to give Motorola credit for trying new things.  Due to the ho-hum features of this phone we can expect it to be targeting more of a teen crowd, and what better way to entice them than with a unique back flipping phone like this.  Hit the jump for the official video.