When Moto updated its Jelly Bean rollout schedule a month ago, we saw that only the newer Droid devices have been promised to receive Android 4.1 before the end of 2012. Phones like the Atrix HD and the Photon Q 4G LTE are expected to get the software bump up as well, but no specific date was shared.

We’re now hearing that Moto is planning to start a soak test for the Atrix HD, one that may bring Jelly Bean early to a select few. The soak test reportedly will be pushed out in the coming days for willing Atrix HD owners.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Motorola is preparing to roll out the Android 4.1 update for beta testers. But seeing that owners of the phone have been enjoying a leaked version of Jelly Bean for a while now, it’s possible that the official JB is what folks can expect.

If the soak test went without a hitch, it should be followed by a wider software update roll out soon after. Will we see Jelly Bean running on the Motorola Atrix HD before the end of the world new year? We’ll keep you posted.

Bams Sadewo

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