Not everybody was excited about Google’s acquisition of Motorola, but there was at least one thing we all enthusiastically expected from Moto. It seemed only logical that the Razr makers will be granted first-row seats to every major Android software update. So it’s very disappointing to see basically no important Moto device upgraded to Jelly Bean, more than two months from the launch of the OS.

Still, there are some signs of improved software support for Motorola devices compared to last year, the latest being an OTA upgrade rolling out to the Atrix HD as we speak. The new tweaks and improvements can’t compare to Jelly Bean’s tasty treats, but they do look like the next best thing.

In fact, the OTA update, which brings the phone’s software version to 77.12.22, has one of the most sizable changelogs we’ve seen in a while, with improvements to Wi-Fi connection, battery life, camera performance, gaming and security.

We can’t say we’ve heard many bug complaints from Atrix HD users, which is yet another reason to praise Motorola for paying attention to little details. Most of the tweaks sound generic and might not change things significantly for regular users (like “improvements in Wi-Fi to allow for stronger connections in more places” and “optimized battery performance for longer battery life”), but others are more specific (new Google Security Patches, for example).

There are also a bunch of apps updated to their latest versions, including Google Chrome, Google+, GMaps, Gmail, and Street View, while the number of pre-loaded software will be increased with Quickoffice, Smart Wi-Fi, and YPmobile.

The OTA update should have already started rolling out to Atrix HD owners, but if you haven’t got yet a prompt message to download the new software package, go ahead to “Settings” – “About Phone” – “System Updates”, and perform a manual check.

The entire list of improvements, as well as the instructions for installing the update, are available here. Have fun and try to keep calm about the Jelly Bean update… at least for a little more. After all, you can’t say that Motorola’s competition has done much better with Android 4.1 upgrades.