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Motorola Atrix HD LTE and RAZR V Bell launches delayed, both still set to come in August

August 1, 2012

There’s nothing more annoying than seeing a launch delayed, especially when talking about a device with huge potential, like the Atrix HD LTE. Then again, Bell Canada, who has supposedly pushed back the handheld’s release, didn’t announce the official launch date in the first place, so maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on the carrier.

The new Atrix HD LTE was supposed to start selling up North on August 2, according to a leak coming from a very trustworthy source, but now it seems that Moto’s new flagship will not hit Canadian stores until almost three weeks later, on the 21st.

This new piece of information is based on a leaked internal memo picked up by the guys at Mobile Syrup. We know the website’s track record with such rumors, so we don’t have any reason to think this new proof is fabricated or false.

According to the same document, another Motorola phone set to hit Bell this month has had its release delayed, but in that particular case we’re only talking about an extra day of waiting. The Razr V, also thought to start selling on August 2, is now set to see the light of day on the 3rd.

The leaked memo also mentions the reasons behind the two delays, though these are too generic to actually mean something. “To ensure complete channel readiness and national product availability the launch dates of the new Motorola superphones have been changed” reads the document, opening us up to a very wide guessing zone.

Have the two phones been delayed due to some last-minute hardware or software glitches that need ironing out? Is Bell expecting users to take its stores by storm, so they want to make sure they have enough devices in stock? Or might it have something to do with the carrier’s LTE network, which has been heavily criticized by many users lately? We can’t possibly know for sure, so we’d rather not speculate.

Meanwhile, Bell is keeping complete silence on the matter(s), refusing to comment or announce any official release dates for the two phones. Both the Atrix HD LTE and the Razr V are listed on the carrier’s website as “coming soon”, with no pre-order or pricing details available whatsoever.

Any Canadian interested in picking up one of these two new Motorola phones”? Which one and why?