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Motorola Atrix HD LTE Bell launch rescheduled again, now coming on August 14

August 9, 2012

Motorola seemed to have a shot at regaining some of its lost high-end glamour with the new Atrix HD LTE smartphone, but if Google’s subsidiary isn’t careful, it might lose that chance very quickly.

If there’s one thing tech users hate at newly launched phones is the manufacturers’ inability to communicate, announce cold facts about release dates and prices, and stick to deadlines. And that’s exactly what Moto seems to be doing with the Atrix’s Canadian release, which has been moved back and forth for the last few weeks or so.

Initially supposed to start selling at Bell Canada on August 2, Moto’s new flagship phone was pushed back to August 21 right as everyone expected it to become available. Now, however, it seems that the launch date has once again been moved, to August 14. A more convenient ETA, some of you might say, but others won’t be able to shake up the feeling that Moto (or maybe Bell) is being unprofessional. Not to mention how will it look if this new deadline won’t be met after all.

It’s true, all these release dates came our way via unconfirmed leaks and not straight from Moto or Bell, but everyone knows that most of the so-called “leaked internal documents” are made public with the companies’ permission or even encouragement.

As far as pricing goes, MobileSyrup claims to have heard from a “tipster” all there is to know about the Canadian Atrix HD LTE. While the on-contract price ($49.95) shouldn’t surprise anyone, it seems that Moto’s new high-end phone will be made available outright for no less than $599.95. That’s a bit too much to ask for the Atrix HD LTE, as far as we’re concerned, especially taking into consideration that AT&T is offering the SIM-free gadget in the US for a hundred bucks less.

Meanwhile, the first dummy devices are thought to have already arrived to Bell, which most likely means that the carrier will be able to put the new phone up for sale on August 14.

Anyone (still) thinking of picking up an Atrix over in Canada? Are you pissed about this whole launch rescheduling debacle? Do you think it’s Bell or Motorola’s fault?