Wow – this is some great news! Motorola, it appears, is heeding the interests of Android fanatics, and is keeping good on their word to unlock bootloaders going forward. As i’m sure you’re aware, the big M has received a considerable amount of pressure to unlock their devices, especially as of late. The reason is simple – locked bootloaders really restrict Android users from modifying and creating their own custom kernels, which essentially means that they receive no true custom ROM love.

Still, Motorola – much like HTC, Sony and others – have decided to turn their leaf for the good of Android phone fans everywhere. They recently promised to release phones with unlockable bootloaders, but not until the third and fourth quarters of this year.

Little did we know that Motorola would make good on its word and take additional steps to unlock previously released devices, too!

Today, BriefMobile confirmed something we had heard about previously – which was this: “leaked early builds of Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) for the Motorola Atrix 4G will, in fact, allow users to unlock their bootloaders using the traditional command: “fastboot oem unlock.”” Essentially, once users get their over the air (OTA) updates in July, they’ll be able to boot into Fastboot mode, and enter the promised land of freedom, custom ROM’s and more!

Eval over at XDA-Developers took it upon himself to dig through a Chinese SBF file and discovered that the unlock is possible. This unlock is a big deal, and means that a fully customizble experience, a la Cynanogen Mod, isn’t too far off. With the power of a 1Ghz dual core Tegra 2 underneath, it’s likely that the Atrix’s lifespan has just been doubled or even tripled. As it stands right now, BriefMobile has confirmed that, at the very least, the Chinese Atrix variant and the AT&T Atrix 4G model will allow these unlockable bootloaders. Still no word on how it will play out in Canada. If history is any indicator, it should be interesting. Motorola opted to sell the Milestone variant of the original Motorola Droid in Canada, and it came locked down like a 15th century chastity belt. Here’s to hoping this has global applicability, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to the boss – the carriers. Still, BreifMobile say that they won’t be be surprised if Bell and other world carriers deliver this unlockable goodness via the same method.


Via BriefMobile

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