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Motorola Assist update lets you relax more at home with Home Mode

June 5, 2014
Using a smartphone can sometimes keep you too engaged that you won’t have time to do other things, like relax at home, spend time with loved ones or keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while driving. To address this, some apps exist to make it easier to manage your communication needs when you’re preoccupied elsewhere. For instance, Motorola Assist was earlier updated with a driving mode, enabling the user to respond to text messages with voice commands and voice recognition. The app even reads out messages, so you won’t have to touch nor look at the device to interact with it.

What’s magical about Motorola Assist is the way it detects you’re actually driving. You don’t have to explicitly turn on driving mode — rather, the phone and app will sense this based on your motion and changes in your location.

Now, Motorola Assist brings the same concept to the home, with Home Mode. The app uses geo-location to determine whether you’re at home. It will then announce incoming callers and read out text messages so you don’t have to lift the phone from your desk or pocket.

The latest update also improves driving detection through audio, and it includes some bug fixes. An opt-in feature also gives Motorola Assist the ability to learn more of your habits through motion tracking and geo-location, and associate these with your Motorola device ID.

According to the reviews, though, some functionalities don’t work too well on the Moto G, including driving detection. Also, you might face some issues when using a Bluetooth headset (or helmet), as the phone listens to commands and audio using its internal microphone whilst in driving mode.

Also, some users might find the interface and settings too basic. According to developers, Motorola Assist focuses on simplicity, and some users might be happier with third-party apps that offer much more control. “We’re focusing on simplicity, really common use cases and doing them really well.”

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