We’re not sure what the deal is with Moto, but they have a reputation for not updating their phones to the latest Android. This is not only frustrating for consumers who may want to see what new features/capabilities their phone has, but also for the company’s public trust. Maybe they haven’t figured out restricting their devices restricts their revenue growth?

Then again, maybe they have, which is why they recently went live with a $100 credit program towards a new Motorola device. The first catch is you have to be the owner of a Motorola phone already. The other catch is you’d really have to be a fanboy to buy another Moto device knowing they don’t update their devices. I mean, seriously Motorola, why not just correct the problem instead of bribing people which adds to your bottom line?

When you’re ready, and if you have an older non-updated Moto device, go here and inform the and they’ll give you the credit for a new device. Then you can be happy with 2 devices that may still run Gingerbread, while everyone else is showing off Jelly Bean. At least they’ve started unlocking bootloaders, so we can only assume they are on the right path.

Do you have a Moto device and are you interested in this credit?