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It is official, Motorola has finally announced that they've killed off Webtop

It was speculated for a few months that Motorola could be killing of Webtop. Webtop was an innovative idea that allowed people to connect their Motorola phones to their computers with a dock and control it from there. While many liked the idea, Motorola reported that customer support wasn't strong enough to justify spending more money to develop the idea further.
October 6, 2012
We all knew this was eventually coming. Amid many reports over the last few months that Motorola could be killing off Webtop, Motorola recently reported to CNet that it would be discontinuing Webtop support. There are plenty of other things to be excited about for the new Motorola line up. However, those who were looking forward to Webtop are going to be disappointed.

For those who don’t follow Motorola products, Webtop was an open-source interface that customers could use to connect their Moto phones to their computers. Once you dock the phone, Webtop opens up and people can use various applications from their phones on their computer. It was based on Ubuntu and the desktop interface was very Ubuntu-like.

When Webtop was released, it was critically acclaimed. Many believed that it could be a go-to feature in the ever waging battle of Android vs iOS vs Windows. It very well may have been if Motorola had done a little more to make the feature accessible. According to CNet, interest in Webtop died when getting the full accessory package for the Motorola Atrix 4G cost a whopping $500.

What is Motorola doing now that there is no Webtop?

Now that Webtop is out of the way, Motorola is getting back to the basics. Better internal specs, better external specs, and better battery life is the credo going into the next release of Motorola phones. They’ve even gone so far as to nip a few problems in the bud before people got a chance to complain about them. This has also been HTC and Samsung’s credo over the last year or so. While it is nice seeing smart phone makers focus on specs and quality assurance, we are seeing less and less odd and unique features because of it.

Webtop may be officially dead, but it is not officially gone. You can still download the source code from Sourceforge as of the time of this writing. Additionally, phones that had Webtop will still have it. So there is still a chance for third party development if Webtop fans want more.

Although Webtop wasn’t a particularly popular feature, it was definitely a pretty cool one. It helped Motorola stand out from the pack and really, it was just implemented wrong. There was nothing wrong with the actual software. Is there anyone who’s going to miss Webtop? Let us know your thoughts.