It’s time for another VS, and this time we are putting the newly announced Samsung Transform Ultra – which has been on sale at Boost Mobile for quite some time – and the newly released Motorola Admiral. Lets begin by comparing the specs between the two Sprint Android handsets.

Motorola Admiral Samsung Transform Ultra
OS Android 2.3.4 Android 2.3
Processor/speed 1.2 GHz Single-core 1 GHz Single-Core
Onboard space 4GB, expandable to 32GB via Micro SD Card  2GB, expandable to 32GB via Micro SD Card
Memory (RAM) 512MB  512MB
Carrier Sprint
Camera 5MP 3MP
Video 720p/1280×720 pixels
Display 3.1-inch touchscreen/TFT 480×640 pixels 3.5-inches/TFT 320×480 pixels
Front Camera? No Yes – 0.3MP VGA
App Store Yes
4G Capable? No  Unknown
Weight 4.71 oz 4.90 oz
Height 4.6” 4.57”
width 0.5” 0.55”
Depth 2.4” 2.4”
Battery 1860mAh
Push to talk? Yes
QWERTY Keyboard? Yes
Price  $99 with two yr agreement
Release Date  October 24th

Now, these phones don’t have the best specs in the world, but the Motorola Admiral is only $99 so don’t expect Galaxy Nexus specs from these two phones. For the price they are pretty good pieces of hardware. 

Pro’s and Con’s

Display: The display on the Admiral is a little bit better with more pixels, but a smaller screen? There’s no SUPER AMOLED, qHD, AMOLED, or any other special display for these two phones, just plain old TFT screens. With the Motorola Admiral having more pixels, it wins the Display battle, this time!

Operating System: While Samsung and Sprint haven’t specified which version of Gingerbread the Transform Ultra is getting, I suspect that it will be getting Android 2.3.3. While the Motorola Admiral has Android 2.3.4, but what really matters is who will get ICS first? So for operating system it’s a draw. It’s hard to say if either device will be getting ICS at all, at this point.

Camera: The Transform Ultra is packing a small 3MP camera and we have no idea what type of video it can capture, although I doubt it will be 720p, it also has a VGA front facing camera. While the Admiral packs a 5MP camera that shoots 720p video. This one is a tough one, so I’ll let you decide. Do you want a HD camera with no front facing camera, or a 3MP camera with a front facing VGA camera?

QWERTY Keyboard: The Admiral’s QWERTY keyboard is similar to one’s found on Blackberry’s so it will probably appeal to those Blackberry converts. While the Transform has a slide-out keyboard, that I’d probably never use and forget that it’s there.

And the Winner is…

My choice would be the Motorola Admiral. With the Samsung Transform Ultra being available on Boost Mobile for quite some time it has earned more visibility by consumers then the Admiral, which we just started hearing about not too long ago. We truly have a close battle with these two phones on Sprint, with specs being close to the same on both phones. Which on will one will come out with the highest sales?

Hope this helps those on Sprint looking for a new, cheap phone that is running Android. Let us know in the comments!